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Magic Sparkles- Edible Glitter Flakes

Magic Sparkles are a fine shimmery film, completely edible, which is crushed into flakes for use as a cake decoration. They shimmer and sparkle a little like glitter, although they're not so fine- you can however crush Magic Sparkles using a pestle and mortar or between two spoons to make the flakes smaller. They're completely digestible and safe to eat, but don't add a flavour to the cake, just a colour.

Magic Sparkles are available in two ranges- standard and natural. Standard Magic Sparkles use artificial colours, while the natural ones of course only use natural colours. Both come in pots of 1.5g which doesn't sound a lot, but because Magic Sparkles are so fine there's lots in the pot- enough for 12 cupcakes or two larger sponges per pot.
Magic Sparkles- Real Edible Glitter!

Magic Sparkles- Real Edible Glitter!

Magic Sparkles are flakes of edible film, coloured with food colouring, which shimmer and sparkle when the light catches them. Magic Sparkles are completely digestible, licensed as a food product, and safe to eat. They impart no taste to the cake, just sparkle, and although supplied as coarse flakes they can be crushed easily using a pestle & mortar to create a fine powder.
Because the flakes are made from food ingredients they are affected by moisture, and for best effects we recommend you apply Magic Sparkles just before presenting or serving the cake.