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Edible Glitter

We're delighted to be amongst the first in the UK to offer a truly edible glitter. This range has been developed to overcome the recent issues surrounding the use of non toxic glitters on food products and it's a huge step forward. It's still a very new range, and there is further development work to be done, but these glitters offer a solution to those who bake cakes commercially, or want to ensure all the decorations are completely digestible.
If you're used to using the non toxic glitters, you'll find these don't sparkle as well, but they do have a shimmer- more than is apparent in the pot! They're also a fine dust, not a flake, so it's possible to achieve an even coating with the invisibility of the non toxic glitters. There are occasions when the strength of colour of the non toxic glitters is called for, but for most day to day baking these are a great new product range which ticks all the health and safety boxes!