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Glitter Information- please read

There's much confusion regarding the difference between edible glitter and non toxic glitter! Both types have been sold for some time as edible, and are often mixed up by both retailers and consumers.

Edible glitters are a fairly recent development, released in 2012. Edible glitters are food products which are digestible by the body and made solely of ingredients which are food based. Typically they're made from either sugar or gum arabic, with licensed colours and other coatings to give the sparkle. They tend to be granular, rather than in flake form (although there are also edible flakes available from Magic Sparkles), and they're generally not as sparkly as the non toxic glitters. We currently sell edible glitters from Rainbow Dust, Baker's Toolkit and Twinkle Bakershop.

The non toxic glitters that we supply are food contact approved non-digestible glitters made from non food components. The base product is a craft based cosmetic glitter, similar to that found in craft shops, but there are two key differences. Firstly the range (made by Rainbow Dust) has passed food contact safety testing, which means that nothing they contain will transfer to the body if ingested, or cause harm. Secondly the flake size is much smaller than craft glitters, meaning that very little has to be used to achieve a significant sparkle. These non toxic glitters were developed to be used on demonstration cakes and on decorations which are removed before the cake is consumed- for example, on mock layers on wedding cakes. While non toxic glitters should not harm if eaten, they are not intended for consumption and the Food Standards Agency recommends that they're not used on products made to be eaten.

Non toxic glitters have the advantage that they don't dissolve in liquid or leach colours when used on wet icing, which makes them perfect for demonstration cakes. In contrast, edible glitters are colourful but less sparkly, and will either dissolve completely or leach colour when used on wet icing- they don't work at all in jam or drinks.

There are many brands of non toxic glitter on the market- we supply Rainbow Dust because they are the only brand we've found which publicly shows the test certificate for food contact safety, plus they offer a wide range of colours and shades. Other brands we have looked at either have not tested their glitters or have not released the results.

As a rule of thumb, if you want to use glitter commercially, you should only use truly edible glitters. If you're baking for home use, and are happy to ingest something which will not break down in the body as a food product, then you can consider the Rainbow Dust non toxic glitters. Be aware that to comply with legislation, these glitters are marked as not for consumption on the pot.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the glitter, please contact us either by clicking here or by phone on 01225 436208.