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Edible sprinkles and cake decorations- Under New Management

We're delighted to announce that as of September 1st our wonderful website is under wonderful new management. The new owners, Kate & Angelos, will continue to provide the same friendly service and range of products. We look forward to serving you!
At Edible Glitter we love to bake, and make our cakes look good. We found it nearly impossible to track down all the products we wanted to use in our baking in one place, so we decided to do it ourselves, and this is the result! Here you'll find truly edible glitters, and fabulous sugar sprinkles and toppings to bring your cakes to life. We offer edible wafer butterflies and roses which add colour and shape. There's funky icing and sugar flowers in a huge rage of designs.

We aim to please- you'll find our service friendly, our delivery speedy, and our prices competitive. We're available at the end of a phone- 07786961702- so call if you have any questions. We hope you'll be inspired, and use our range to create culinary masterpieces!!!!!

Halloween is near...

Get ready for Halloween with this selection of cupcake cases, sprinkles and glitters for your Halloween celebrations.
Food Colouring

We're delighted to introduce a new range of wonderful food colourings. These colourings are perfect for icings or sponges and can be blended to create tones. They colour evenly and are well concentrated so a little goes a long way!
Cupcake Cases & Fairy Cake Cases

Cupcake Cases & Fairy Cake Cases

We have a great range of plain and patterned cupcake cases and fairy cake cases for your fairy cakes, cupcakes, and more! There's over 25 designs to choose from currently, with more planned soon, so there should be a case for any cupcake you plan to make! We offer two sizes of standard case plus mini cases for petit fours, truffles and more.
Wafer Butterflies & Wafer Roses

Wafer Butterflies & Wafer Roses

Wafer decorations are easy to use, totally edible, and don't affect the taste of the cake. We've a great range of wafer cake decorations including wafer butterflies, roses, daisies and more.

Perfect for cupcakes, a single wafer decoration is often enough to complete the decoration so this range is brilliant for when you need an eye catching effect, quickly!