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Mini Bulk Glitters and PowdersEdible GlitterWafer Decoration

Edible sprinkles and cake decorations

At Edible Glitter we love to bake, and make our cakes look good. We found it nearly impossible to track down all the products we wanted to use in our baking in one place, so we decided to do it ourselves, and this is the result! Here you'll find truly edible glitters, and fabulous sugar sprinkles and toppings to bring your cakes to life. We offer edible wafer butterflies and roses which add colour and shape. There's funky icing and sugar flowers in a huge rage of designs.

We aim to please- you'll find our service friendly, our delivery speedy, and our prices competitive. We're available at the end of a phone- 01842 337 520- so call if you have any questions. We hope you'll be inspired, and use our range to create culinary masterpieces!!!!!

NEW IN- Candy Colour Melts!

Colour Candy Melts By Rainbow Dust- 250g Packs

The All New Rainbow Dust Colour Melts!!!!

Chocolate colour melts made using **NON Hydrogenated Fats** Colour Melts are colourful buttons easy to use - Ideal for coating, moulding, dipping, drizzling and piping

How to use:

Open the pouch and place the contents into a microwave safe container
Microwave on high for 30 seconds
Stir and heat for a further 30 seconds
Stir continuously for 1 minute then use as required.
For a thinner consistency, add one teaspoon of vegetable oil and stir.
ProGel Food Colours!

A new prodcut for us! These are highly concentrated food colours, used for colouring marzipan, buttercream, sugarpaste and even sponges! Available in 37 colours!

Rainbow Dust Paint It Pots, Click & Twist Metallic Pens & Paint It Pens!

Rainbow Dust Paint It Pots, Click & Twist Metallic Pens & Paint It Pens!
New in from pots or pens! Choose from pots or pens! These really are fantastic products and the ease of use make them very worth it!


Delicious Belgian chocolates wrapped in foil- perfect for wedding favours, parties or just as a treat!

About Edible Glitter

About Edible Glitter

Edible glitters are a fairly recent development, released in 2012. Edible glitters are food products which are digestible by the body and made solely of ingredients which are food based. Typically they're made from either sugar or gum arabic, with licensed colours and other coatings to give the sparkle. They tend to be granular, rather than in flake form (although there are also edible flakes available from Magic Sparkles), and they're generally not as sparkly as the non toxic glitters. We currently sell edible glitters from Rainbow Dust, Baker's Toolkit and Twinkle Bakershop. The non toxic glitters that we supply are food contact approved non-digestible glitters made from non food components.